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Your business challenges

Provide a dedicated service to your clients, offer new services, measure the achievement in cost savings…Being a logistics service provider, you need:

  • A tool helping you manage and share more effectively your customer’s complicated supply chain
  • An instrument providing full vision on the deliveries and shipment flows, for better management of transport activities.
  • A solution for the detailed analysis of your data, based on which you can optimize your services to your customer all the time.


Our TMS solutions aim to support the operations of 4PL service providers. The solutions address three aspects.

Consolidating your flows of transport. Being a genuine control tower, our TMS instruments let you:

  • Improve your processes,
  • Estimate and reduce your logistics costs,
  • Propose a global management service,
  • Control your supply chain in a better way,
  • Facilitate your administrative work
  • Become a real strategic partner rather than just a service provider to your customer.

Ensuring track and trace of all orders from sourcing to delivery to the customer. This proactive management provides you with:

  • Better visibility inside the supply chain,
  • Quicker response in case of delays or unpredicted issues (through an alert system)
  • Tools to offer your customers a more effective service

Helping on decision making according to predictive analysis of your data, thanks to our Dashboard solution. An instrument allowing you to:

  • Understand the meaning of information,
  • Plan your transport flows,
  • Optimize your costs and your operations,
  • Give a better service to your customers,
  • Anticipate what they want.

Using the TMS solutions of DDS Logistics is reforming your business processes!

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TMS or collaborative platform, DDS has the solution to digitize your transport!

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