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Your business challenges

There are lots of business issues affecting your supply chain performance. Especially:

  • You don’t have enough drivers, especially for road transport. As a result, the pressure on your budget increases as the cost of services rises.
  • You don’t have enough visibility of your orders and shipments. It’s had to know in advance when your raw materials or your spare parts will arrive. It’s not possible to tell your clients a precise delivery date, Furthermore, because of the electronic business competition, your customers want more from you.
  • You cooperate with many service providers, but you cannot control your budget for transport.



The solutions from DDS Logistics can help you:

Build up a long-term partnership with your service provider. You can expect better traffic quality as time being, because of:

  • Better communication with your service providers
  • Less risks of mistakes
  • Higher productivity for service providers
  • Optimized prices application
  • More rigorous checking on invoice

Solve unpredictable transport issues. By better understanding your supply chain, from orders to delivery, you can

  • Predict delays
  • Prevent production disruptions
  • Minimize the risk while trading with vendors
  • Provide better service to customers

Reduce your transport costs. You can achieve this by improving your transport plan by:

  • Combining your orders in containers or trucks
  • Estimating prices ahead of time to choose the transporter with the best offer
  • Eliminating manual checking of invoice

Select and use the solutions of DDS Logistics and improve your transport

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