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Consumption patterns have evolved. Electronic business has been thriving and your customers purchase online more frequently. Consumers switch between brick-and-mortar and online stores. As a retailer, you must get used to these evolutions as soon as possible!

How can you deal with these changes? By improving your logistics, one of the key factors when you face your competitors and a crucial element of your business. However, to achieve this, you need the following:

  • The main instruments to manage and monitor your flows
  • Data analysis tools improving your processes and predict future demands
  • The way to handle the customers’ more and more rigorous requirements


It’s important to adapt. The solutions provided by DDS Logistics assure:

  • Effective management of your logistics flows to prevent out-of-stock on all platforms and to smooth the exchanges inside your supply chain.
  • Point to point tracking of your cargoes. In the event of delays or incidents, you will be informed as soon as possible, and you can take actions to out-of-stock issue. It helps you get advantages in the competition of retail industry.
  • All-round management of your logistics chain. The Dashboard function in our tools can simulate your transport data to assure quick deliveries and optimize your stock.

All the above functions make your company leader in the emerging competition environment.

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TMS or collaborative platform, DDS has the solution to digitize your transport!